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The content provided on this site “Https://acnery.com/” is totally for information purposes and is not a replacement for Doctor’s prescription. The diseases and ailments discussed here are only for the awareness of the visitors. The treatment techniques discussed here are just for the sake of guidance. It is not recommended to rely on the Treatment methods discussed on the site.

In case of serious and epidemic skin diseases, kindly immediately contact your physician. The people who relied on the treatment methodology given on the website will be responsible by themselves. The website “Https://acnery.com/” has not provided a warranty of any kind regarding the use of medicines.

Medicines may have poisonous or hazardous side effects, so follow the Doctor’s advice in doses of medicine. This site “Acnery.com” does not recommend any skin tests or blood tests on its own behalf. In case of any medical emergency, do not rely on the website information. Call your doctor immediately in case of uncontrolled disease.

The contents in the website such as articles and photos are for the sake of information only. The samples showing skin diseases do not indicate any specific person rather they are just for guidelines and awareness. This website does not recommend any products or treatments in case of a medical emergency.

People who rely on acnery.com for the treatment of fatal skin diseases will do this at their own risk. Herbal treatment is widely used and recommended but sometimes skin knocks appear as cancerous. It is necessary to diagnose and treat skin knocks with the help of a qualified dermatologist.

All the rights are reserved to acnery.com and the information shared on this site is totally licensed. Contents published on this site have copyrights and no one will publish them on any other site without permission.

The acnery.com provides highly researched information regarding skin health but all this is not a replacement for Doctor. It is advised to you not consider acnery.com as a physician because it is only for educational and awareness purposes. Go for a proper physician for your skin ailments.

However, acnery.com provides you the information regarding the severity of the diseases. It will help you understand which disease is curable at home and which disease is curable through herbal treatment. Likewise, it indicates which disease needs just a little treatment according to Doctors’ prescription and which disease may lead to a medical emergency.

In any case, there must be a connection with your doctor because some skin diseases may lead to being cancerous in case of delayed treatment. Then, it would not be possible to treat it using online guidance.

Acnery.com declares that in case of any injury, skin burn, or severe allergy, the visitor will be responsible by himself for his reliance on the website information. For people who will face damages and loss through incomplete use of medical information, acnery.com will not be held responsible for their loss.

Although the information shared on the site is collected through reasonable and authentic sources but if there exists any omission or error ancry.com will not be responsible. The content provided is highly researched So with minimal error chances, no one has the right to make the website liable for any kind of wrong information.

Treatment methods discussed in articles related to skin diseases are not 100% guaranteed as it varies depending on skin type. It is quite possible that sensitive skin may take time to recover properly. However, some skin types may recover earlier.

The website is not liable for any kind of late recovery. Although, the treatment methods discussed here are certified the recovery could be affected by any environmental factors.

As the skin is the outermost layer in the body of living organisms, it is directly affected by environmental factors and weather conditions. While if we consider the skin sensitivity, environmental factors, weather conditions, and regional atmosphere, the treatment and recovery rates will be different for the people living in different regions of the world. So ancry.com does not propose any warranty regarding the treatment methodology.

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