How to get rid of bumps on face
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Bumps on skin appears due to different causes and reasons.Some cause complications and some are not that complicated. Mostly, bumps on skin are usual and don’t cause any harm. Sometimes cancer could be the reason of bumps. Bumps can also be caused by skin allergies. The appearance of bumps depends upon the cause. The color of bump may have resemblance with skin or appears a bit darker than skin some  may cause itchiness. They can be small or big.Some may contain pus some are hard in appearance the texture depends on the type of bump.

Bumps on skin can be painful but sometimes they don’t .Bumps look bad they lowers self esteem in this article you will get to know the nature of bumps and how to get rid of bumps on face.

Causes of Face Bumps


  • Acne appears when skin pores are blocked with oil or dirt.Accumulation of bacteria can also cause can.
  • Acne appears when our glands produce oil in excess.
  • Acne appears mostly on face ,neck and back and face.
  • Blackheads and white heads can be seen black heads cause opening of skin pores and make it appear black while the whitehead remains under skin and make it look white.
  • Doctor consultation is necessary when it get worse otherwise it may cause serious complications.

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DNP)

DNP is a conditions when lot of brown bumps appears on face having size few millimeter. These spots are dark in color it usually  runs in genes. These don’t grow large.These spots are superficial.


  • There is no specific prevention to stop DNP.
  • These bumps can be removed by laser treatment or cautery.

Skin Tags

How to Get Rid of Bumps on Face
Bumps on face
  1. Extra growth of skin up to 1 inch.
  2. Thesebumps on skin appears nearly around groin,eyelids,belly and breasts.
  3. Their color is same as skin’s color or little bit darker than it. These are painless.
  4. Skin tags are caused by friction,insulin resistance and sometimes in pregnancy.
  5. Cryosurgery is used to remove tags. Other methods are  Ligation,and cauterization


  1. Nodules are Elevation under the skin which is wider than pimple and  filled with tissue and fluid.
  2. These don’t create complications usually but some time get severe too.
  3. They are deep under skin.
  4. There is no specific prevention.


  • Nodules can be surgically removed.
  • Near-total thyroidectomy is used to remove these bumps.

Molluscum Contigiosum

  1. Theseare patchy bumps on skin.This is contiguous.
  2. You can be its victim by touching the lesions of infected person.
  3. These are small in size looks shiny their texture is soft.
  4. They have dent in center shape mostly resembles to the dom.


  • Methods used to treat molluscum Contigiosum are cryotherapy and laser therapy both are equally effective. During the process of curettage doctor pierces the bump and scratch it off from the skin.
  • Some chemical containing creams are also available that removes the bump completely.


  1. Milia is small in size and hard in texture present as small cyst under the skin. These are actually accumulation of protein and dead skin.
  2. They are not red in color and cannot be popped they resembles to whiteheads.
  3. It is caused by extreme exposure to sun.
  4. Heavy use of cosmetic
  5. Under exfoliation also cause milia.


  • Manual extraction is the best treatment for milia.

Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis pilaris is very common and uncomplicated condition of skin.small bumps having hard texture appears on the skin and give it rough appereance like chicken skin.They are usually red or white in color.These face bumps are painless some times can cause itching and redness.this is common in teenagers and get away as they older.

Causes of keratosis Pilaris

  1. Accumulation of proteins into the hair follicles
  2. Exposure to cold as our skin get exposed to the cold we get these bumps on skin
  3. It clears up in summers and normal weather.
  4. Eczema cause dryness and keratosis pilaris.
  5. It can be hereditary it runs in someone’s gene.


  • There is no specific treatment forKPinstead of reducing skin dryness

Allergic Reactions

  1. Skin bumps can be a result of allergies these bumps on skin appears small in size.
  2. It causes itchiness and redness these are not easy to get rid of like acne. Skin becomes patchy and red.

Causes of Allergic Reactions

  1. Allergy to cosmetics eg,makeup and hair products.
  2. Sensitivity to any kind of drink or food.
  3. Sensitive skin that is more prone to dryness and hive.

Powerful Ways

These are fast five ways on how to get rid of bumpy face.


As it sounds cleansing means thoroughly cleaning your skin to get rid of any oil dirt or makeup from your first step wash your face with a suitable facewash to clean your skin properly.wash second time gently to remove any stubborn dirt or oil if you use heavy cosmetic products.before going to bed actually do the same.Use aloevera to get clear skin.


Skin needs proper exfoliation in order to stay healthy and lively.use natural ingredient based exfoliators and avoid chemical exfoliators because they contain chemicals and acids which can be damaging to skin.exfoliation keeps skin lively and pores don’t get clogged.

Don’t extra exfoliate your skin it may cause dryness.exfoliate your skin only 2 or 3 times a week so that natural moisture of the skin remains same.

Dermatological Care

There are bunch of dermatological procedures for stubborn bumps that are not easy to get rid of.

Derma planning and chemical peels are effective procedures in order to remove bumps on face.

Deroofing and laser treatments are done to get rid of bumps on face.

Cryotherapy is another effective treatment.

Dietary Values

Diet is mainfactor for healthy skin.try to eat clean.Eating more green vegetables and fruits will cheer up your skin.Get more omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.Eat clean and healthy avoid processed food.

Instead of refined sugar use honey or stevia.Use fragrance free products if you have a sensitive skin.Drink more water it cheers your skin up.

Home Remedies

  • Homeremidies are very safe and natural way to get rid of bumps on face.
  • Use alovera gel  on your face it is very beneficial in order to get bumps free skin.
  • Apply coconut oil on your skin message it gently it removes bums so fast.
  • Use of cucumber is beneficial for removal of acne and hydrates the skin.
  • Use honey it is anti-inflamatory and antibacterial it is effective and fast way to get rid of bumps on face.

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